About Alan Beckstead,

Artist & Arts Leader

“Alan Beckstead celebrates life and tells stories in vibrant paintings that transform everyday people into colorful celebrities, capturing the abundant joy, love, and sensuality that pours forth from both public and private moments in the LGBTQ community.”
- Wolfram Alderson, Artist and Social Change Agent

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Alan was involved in the San Antonio Arts Community for a number of years:  Serving on the Artist Foundation of San Antonio Board of Directors, McNay Art Museum MCCF Executive Committee, and the San Antonio Area Foundation's Arts and Culture Committee.  Alan volunteered on the decoration committee for a number of fund raisers.  It was during that time that Alan started using acrylic on plastic card board (colorplast) since the images were used outside.  Alan created large scale shadow boxes. With the encouragement of family and friends, Alan returned to painting on canvas with a focus on figures that tell a story.  He paints the canvas first with a primary color like the colorplast.  It gives the paintings a tone that sneaks through the work.


Alan moved to Sebastopol, California in 2014 and is concentrating on creating new works.

© 2018 by Alan Beckstead

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